Flood Aqueduct is a tunnel that opens a secure connection between your own local machine and Flood Grids. This enables you to run protocol level or browser level tests that target your application or website through your own local machine or VPN gateway.

This is useful in situations where the target application or website that you want to test is not publicly reachable, for example, resides behind your corporate firewall.

Flood Aqueduct is provided as two solutions.

Aqueduct SSL

Flood Aqueduct SSL is a simple proprietary binary developed by Tricentis Flood that customers can run from their own local machine. This makes it easy for customers to spin up their own self-serviced, zero configuration based SSL based tunnels to Flood Grids, allowing only HTTP/S traffic to be generated from Flood Grids.

Aqueduct VPN

Flood Aqueduct VPN is a managed VPN service which allows Tricentis Flood to ‘peer’ with customer provided VPN gateways to their own network. This requires configuration from both Flood and Customer representatives at the network level and offers the highest level of security, consistent with industry standards (IPsec). The VPN can allow all types of traffic to be generated from Flood Grids, at the customer's discretion.