Getting Started

Flood Aqueduct SSL is a simple proprietary binary developed by Tricentis Flood that customers can run from their own local machine. This makes it easy for customers to spin up their own self-serviced, zero configuration based SSL based tunnels to Flood Grids, allowing only HTTP/S traffic to be generated from Flood Grids.

Aqueduct SSL works by creating a tunnel from your local machine (known as the Client) to a cloud based machine (known as the Server) via port 443. Each time you create a new tunnel, Flood will automatically provision the tunnel Server which is a dedicated, single tenant AWS instance in the cloud. No other Clients can connect to your tunnel.

Aqueduct is perfect for situations where you have target web site applications sitting behind your corporate firewall, which you can not reach from the internet or from cloud based load generation infrastructure. In this situation you can use Aqueduct to open up a tunnel to your own dedicated Server, initiated from your own Client machine. All outbound communication from the Client to the Server is done on port 443 using TLS v1.2 and safe cipher suites with two-way mutual authentication.