Basic Usage

You can list basic usage for the Client with the help command:

> aqueduct help
aqueduct client
aqueduct [flags]
aqueduct [command]
Available Commands:
configure configure aqueduct settings
help Help about any command
logs show the aqueduct container logs
status print aqueduct status
stop-tunnel stop a tunnel
version Print the version
--api-url string flood api URL (default "")
--aqueduct-image string the aqueduct client image to use (default "floodio/aqueduct:stable")
--cert-cache-root string Root for caching downloaded certs (default "/Users/timkoopmans/.cache/flood-aqueduct/certs")
--config string config file (default "/Users/timkoopmans/.config/flood-aqueduct/aqueduct.toml")
--container-check-timeout duration Ensure the container is running & connected stably for TIMEOUTs before moving on (default 10s)
--duration duration Duration to run tunnel for, e.g. 30m (default 1h0m0s)
--haproxy-config string HAProxy config file
-h, --help help for aqueduct
--new Force a new tunnel, don't try to reuse existing tunnels
--restart-container Restart the container if its running
--server-region string Flood server AWS Region
--target stringArray target addresses HOST:PORT, assumed to be SSL
-c, --test-config Test the config but don't run
--token string flood api token
--uuid string UUID for an existing flood tunnel
Use "aqueduct [command] --help" for more information about a command.