Configuring the Client

For first time use, it is recommended you use the configure command to configure the Client. You will need the following information:

  1. Your Flood IO API v2.0 token e.g. flood_live_foobar

  2. Your preferred default tunnel region e.g. us-west-2. Note you can override this at a later stage.

To configure your client run:

> aqueduct configure
╤╤ flood aqueduct ╤╤ : configurator
Grab your Flood token from
Please enter your Flood Token flood_live_****************
Checking token...
Token valid!
✔ us-west-2 - Previous choice
Writing config
Flood Token : flood_live_****************
Default Tunnel Region : us-west-2

You can run this command again in the future if your Flood token or preferred region changes.