Minimum Requirements

Aqueduct SSL requires the following software to be available on the host machine running the Client:

Common Requirements

  1. You will need outbound network connectivity to AWS, in particular dynamic Servers that will be provisioned in the * domain, on port 443

  2. You will need local network connectivity to the target web application typically running on port 443 HTTPS or port 80 for HTTP. Note, it is possible to specify targets listening on different ports via a HAProxy configuration file on the Client.

  3. You will need reasonable bandwidth and low latency for each tunnel. We advise a planning figure of up to 10Mbps with sub 100ms latency Servers that are provisioned. It is possible to choose from multiple geographic regions on AWS for lowest round trip time / latency.

  4. Docker Community Edition, or Docker Enterprise Edition.

Mac Requirements

  1. Mac hardware must be a 2010 or newer model, with Intel’s hardware support for memory management unit (MMU) virtualization, including Extended Page Tables (EPT) and Unrestricted Mode. You can check to see if your machine has this support by running the following command in a terminal: sysctl kern.hv_support

  2. macOS Sierra 10.12 and newer macOS releases are supported. We recommend upgrading to the latest version of macOS.

  3. At least 4GB of RAM free.

  4. VirtualBox prior to version 4.3.30 must NOT be installed (it is incompatible with Docker Desktop for Mac). If you have a newer version of VirtualBox installed, it’s fine.

Windows Requirements

  1. Windows 10 64bit: Pro, Enterprise or Education (1607 Anniversary Update, Build 14393 or later).

  2. Virtualization is enabled in BIOS. Typically, virtualization is enabled by default. This is different from having Hyper-V enabled. For more detail see Virtualization must be enabled in Troubleshooting.

  3. CPU SLAT-capable feature.

  4. At least 4GB of RAM free.

  5. Note for Windows users, you will need to switch to using Linux containers when running the Client.

Linux Requirements

  1. AMD 64 compatible operating system.

  2. At least 4GB of RAM free.